Wandzel Law's Independent Counsel service stands by businesses at every transactional turn. This service manages all transactional needs, including corporate formation, corporate governance, contract drafting, contract review, negotiation, and beyond. Our objective is to metaphorically turn your business into a castle, protecting your interests and assets. This can shield your business from potential legal pitfalls and disputes, and provide it with a robust legal foundation. Embodying precision and professionalism, we deliver holistic legal support throughout your business journey.

Available Fee Structures:

  • Hourly/Retainer: Fair billing for every moment we work for you.
  • Flat Fee: All-inclusive service at a single rate.
  • Blended: The best of both—Hourly and Contingency.
  • Pro Bono: Dedicated assistance for those in need.

Quality of Service Promise:

  • Responsive, effective communication to comprehend your needs and clarify legal concepts.
  • Unwavering ethical standards and professionalism to ensure confidentiality and prevent conflicts.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive work approach.
  • Adaptability to shifting circumstances and resourcefulness in problem-solving.
  • Sound judgement and strategic thinking for your best interest.
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